The HighBond platform is GRC software for local government, designed to help your city or county achieve its goals.

Over 500 government organizations in North America and over 800 globally use HighBond to provide visibility, demonstrate compliance, and mitigate the cost of risk and compliance.

See the high ROI one local government department experienced with Galvanize.

A leader in governance, risk, and compliance solutions

GRC software for local government agencies to automate and streamline risk, audit, and performance management processes, promote long-term economic sustainability, and ensure service continuity.

Workpapers & audit management

Increase audit efficiencies and team collaboration, and comply with Yellow Book standards.

Enterprise risk management

Efficiently manage entity-wide risks, from cybersecurity to fiscal responsibility, and quickly address opportunities and threats.

IT risk management

Use automation and workflows to drive efficiency and get more insight into your IT risk and compliance posture.

Contracts oversight

Assess vendor performance and procurement, and manage contractor risks to prevent fraud and supply chain disruptions.

Financial control monitoring

Automate monitoring of procurement, payroll, purchase/fuel cards, and more, and more easily remediate red flags.

Third party risk management

Minimize exposure to financial, operational, reputational, and security risk by automating your third-party risk management.

Automated risk and control monitoring at City of Lethbridge

“We’ve been able to totally automate our control risk matrixes and then attach them to projects that we’re reviewing on those individual controls. So, the return on investment on this is very quick; I would say less than a year.”

Darrell Mathews, Financial Processes & Controls Manager

Powerful data analytics and automation

When critical data is trapped in spreadsheets, Word docs, or legacy systems, it’s impossible to access, share, analyze, and act on. ACL Robotics by Galvanize uncovers the truth hidden deep inside an organization’s data—all of the data. No matter the source. And by connecting to, harmonizing, normalizing, and analyzing data across the organization, you’ll streamline your workload, realign your resources, and get answers to important questions you never even thought to ask.

Connect your data

Connect to any data source for real-time data acquisition and normalization.

Predictive analytics

Uncover insights and make predictions with machine learning.

Automate scripts

Easily take your current Analytics scripts and run them on an automated schedule in the Robots app.

View results

Export results of automated scripts to the Results app for processing, issue remediation, and data visualization.

Free up time and resources

Automate your tasks to reduce manual processes.

Streamline tasks

Automate repetitive tasks to reduce manual processes.

Data-driven audit management at City of Gainesville

“My people now are enthused and excited to work. They’re actually performing at a much higher level. And time is so much more available when you’ve got an automated process—they used to spend literally dozens and dozens of hours doing manual work papers.”

Carlos Holt, City Auditor

Built-in best practices and workflows

Embed ready-to-use regulatory updates, standards, and best practices into your daily workflow. Whether you need to detect fraud, waste, and abuse; ensure compliance with federal grants; or manage cybersecurity risk, we’ve got what you need to get up and running fast—all itemized in our Content & Intelligence gallery.

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Guidance and controls for state and local government audit teams, including:
  • AGA® Subrecipient Risk Assessment Monitoring Tool 2009
  • GAGAS 2011
  • GAGAS Agreed Upon Procedures (GAO 2011) 
  • GAGAS Financial Audit (GAO 2011)
  • GAGAS Performance Audit (GAO 2011)
Regulations, standards, and risk and control matrices for State and Local Government IT governance, including:
  • FISCAM Business Process Application Controls 2009
  • FISCAM General IT Controls 2009
  • NIST Cybersecurity (Version 1.0) 2014
  • NIST Cybersecurity (Version 1.1) 2018
Regulatory content and guidance for State and Local Governments, including:
  • OMB A-133 Part 3.1 Uniform Guidance (June 2016)
  • OMB A-133 Part 3.2 Uniform Guidance (June 2016)
  • OMB A-133 Part 4 – Department of Agriculture (USDA) Programs
  • OMB A-133 Part 4 – Department of Education (ED) Programs
  • OMB A-133 Part 4 – Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Programs
  • OMB A-133 Part 4 – Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Programs
  • OMB A-133 Part 4 – Department of Transportation (DOT) Programs
  • OMB A-123 (Revision 2014)
Guidance and controls for internal controls, including:
  • COBIT® 5 Framework (Limited Content)
  • COSO® Internal Control Framework 2013
Pre-built robots to analyze data including:

Consolidated storyboards

Getting everyone into the same room can be tough. But getting them to look at an integrated dashboard is much easier. Galvanize is all about providing a consolidated, accurate view of risk and opportunities across your agency. The real-time monitoring and automation means reports are always up to date, and everyone can make decisions based on the same, current data.

Adjust on the fly

Use the drilldown and legend filters to make changes to your storyboard content on the fly.

Presentation mode

Display your storyboard as full screen slides, and use the arrow keys to move forward and back.

Include what you need

Add tables or charts, include descriptive text, and easily rearrange or adjust your storyboard as needed.

Self-serve reporting

Provide any-time access for management.

Experts on-call

Our customer service team can review your data, processes, and results to help develop sleek and powerful reports.

Easy sharing

Create read-only storyboards, share with specific users, or share using an anonymous link.

Galvanize Community

At Galvanize, we’re lifelong learners—and we know our customers are too. That’s why we created the Global Galvanize Community, an online forum plus network of local user groups where professionals can connect with one another, access and swap ideas, share tools and templates, contact or chat with support, or sign up for online courses.

Client partners

We combine guidance, best practices, and access to other customers to help solve your unique challenges.

Galvanize Summit

Our annual customer conference, with breakout sessions on risk management, robotics, GRC, and data analytics—plus earn up to 12 CPE credits.

Galvanize Community

An online meeting place filled with a network of thousands of HighBond peers for you to learn from and connect with.

Galvanize Academy 

We want you to get up and running fast, and to make the most of your investment. And we’ve got the online courses that will help you do just that.

User groups

Connect with other Galvanize customers in your local area. Hold meet-ups, exchange ideas, and find out how they’re using our software in their daily work. 

Frequently asked questions

Who is Galvanize?
Galvanize is a GRC technology solutions company. We build security, risk management, compliance, and audit software for some of the world’s largest organizations. We’re on a mission to unite and strengthen these different teams through our collective HighBond software platform. Learn more about us.
Do you have any video demos of your platform?
We’ve got product overview videos, but HighBond is a vast platform with many different tools. So to really get a sense of how the software will work for you, it’s best to chat directly with one of our specialists. They can shape a product walk-through based on your exact needs. Ready to talk?
How much does HighBond cost?
We know it’s not the ideal answer, but “it really depends.” Because HighBond is comprised of many different tools, there are a lot of configuration options. Add in the number of users for the platform, user permissions, any customization, content needs, and consulting, and you’ll see why it’s important for us to first understand what you need before throwing out a number. Let’s build your perfect solution!
What do I get with the HighBond platform?
One of the best things about the HighBond platform is that it’s modular. You can start with one of the products—like AuditBond or ControlsBond—add in ACL Robotics for automation, then add on as your governance program grows. See all of the products that make up the HighBond platform. You can also download the HighBond product sheet.
How do I make a business case for GRC software?
Getting buy-in and approvals for any software can be difficult. Especially when the software will be used by many different departments, pulls in proprietary data, and requires IT approvals. To help you navigate this challenge, we put together a GRC buyer’s guide.
How secure is the HighBond platform?
We take security very seriously. We use industry advanced and mature infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers to host our SaaS offering from four data center locations globally (North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia). The data centers provide many physical and logical security controls and are compliant with various certifications and third-party attestations, including but not limited to: ISO 27001, PCI DSS Level 1, SSAE-16/ISAE 3402 SOC 1 (previously SAS 70 Type II), SOC 2 & 3, and HIPAA. Want to know more? Check out the security section of our website.

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