Customer Success services

We’ve got a team of professionals who are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Dedicated assistance

With a team of ex-Big Four professionals and over 100 years of combined GRC experience, we help bring your processes and data to life in HighBond by automating workflows, reporting, and storyboarding. In no time, you’ll see the extent of efficiencies gained by using Galvanize products and automation to the fullest.

We’re here to get you up and running fast—to migrate your data, set up reports, help with automation, or even supplement your team with Galvanize professionals. Whatever it is you need, our Customer Success team is here to help you become as proficient as we are in the platform.

We’ve worked with all sorts of organizations to pull data from the oldest legacy systems or revamp broken processes. Whether you’re just getting started or have an advanced, tech-savvy team, Galvanize has the experts and the experience to help you reach your goals.

Enablement services

Let us help you get started with a clear strategy. Share your top priorities, typical processes, and biggest challenges and we’ll make sure Galvanize technology works seamlessly in your environment to support your business goals. Our expert team can help with everything from analytics migration to trend analysis to compliance challenges and more.

Data migration & software implementation

Time to move out of spreadsheets or shut down that old software solution which never really delivered that much value? No matter your growing pain, we’ve got the experience to help you figure it out. We can set up templates, manage a data source system migration, map processes and activities, or migrate content from existing tools to HighBond.

Process automation

Manual processes can take up a lot of time and resources. But when you automate things like risk and controls, workflows, analytics, exception management, and reporting, you’re not only streamlining your workflows, but freeing up resources and reducing the chance of human error.

Reporting & visualization services

There’s no substitute for a well-designed dashboard. We review your data, your processes, and your results, to help you develop sleek and powerful reports that are easy to understand and effortless to use.

Talent co-sourcing

Need some smart, savvy people to supplement your team? We can provide a full- or part-time Galvanize expert to see you through important transitions or peak periods.


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