Business continuity software

ContinuityBond is workflow-based business continuity management and planning software.

Maintain effective continuity plans, reduce risk exposure, and strengthen your ability to respond.

Unexpected events like a natural disaster or technical outages can significantly impact an organization’s standard business operations. Minimize the effects of a disruption with business continuity planning.

ContinuityBond helps organizations maintain effective business continuity programs, reduce risk exposure, and strengthen the ability to plan for, and respond to, business disruptions.

Why choose ContinuityBond?

Identify critical processes and assets to prioritize your business continuity planning.

Create a central repository for conducting business impact analysis.

Understand upstream and downstream dependencies.

Automate disaster recovery testing and crisis management.

Tie business continuity plans to risks and controls.

Automated business continuity management (BCM) workflow

  • Automate business continuity assessments.
  • Use out-of-the-box templates to identify the upstream and downstream dependencies of your existing business processes.
  • Automate crisis-plan testing, scheduling, and notifications.
  • Manage your business continuity lifecycle with plan management control.

Simplified Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

  • Use key metrics to develop recovery and restoration plans, related assets, and business components.
  • Access a centralized repository of processes and assets dependencies.
  • Dynamically analyze dependencies across related assets to determine how cascading Recovery Time Objectives can impact program components.
  • Generate business impact analysis for Recovery Time Objectives, Recovery Point Objectives, and Maximum Acceptable Outage calculations.

Comprehensive business continuity reporting

  • Access overall Business Continuity Management (BCM) health and executive-level reports and storyboards.
  • View summarized BCM information of process and assets.
  • Relate processes with things like facilities, applications, infrastructure, and vendors.
  • Automate evaluation of business continuity plan efficiency.

See how ContinuityBond can work for you.

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