Risk management software

RiskBond is integrated risk management software that identifies, assesses, responds to, and monitors your enterprise risks.

React quickly with visibility into emerging risks and changes in risk profiles.

RiskBond centralizes and simplifies core risk management activities in a single, integrated platform—across the end-to-end risk process. Compared to spreadsheets or groups of disparate solutions, RiskBond places risk into the context of the organization’s strategic objectives. This helps everyone focus on what matters most, minimizes risk duplication, and creates powerful, collective reporting.

The software also reduces subjectivity by seamlessly integrating risk indicators into the assessment process. Plus it helps distributed teams identify risks and aggregate risk assessments through remote workshops. This maximizes engagement from frontline teams through the rich, easy-to-use interface. As a result, risk management spends less time on process administration and more time effecting change.

Why choose RiskBond?

Improved executive risk-based decision making — go from reactive to predictive action.

Identify and deal with fast-moving or emerging risk quickly.

Simplify risk aggregation and reporting to better understand impacts and responses.

Remove organizational silos to promote a strong risk culture.

Reduce subjectivity with data-driven risk indicators in assessments and reporting.

Achieve alignment across governance and assurance teams with a single platform.

Risk workshops: identification & assessment

  • Schedule and conduct remote and live risk workshops directly in the platform.
  • Automate risk assessments based on monitored risk indicators.
  • Model your risk universe using best practices by mapping strategic objectives to common key risks validated from S&P500 10K reports
  • Prioritize risks based on risk appetite and impact.
  • Map strategic objectives to drive consistent risk identification.
  • Identify and catalogue risks using a curated risk library.

Real-time risk reporting

  • Monitor real-time KPIs and KRIs.
  • Visualize risk trends as they change over time.
  • Generate instant leadership-level, real-time risk heat maps.
  • Instantly understand risk position against board-level appetite.
  • Receive automatic notifications when risk metrics/indicators exceed defined thresholds.

Integrated assurance

  • Align work of internal and external assurance providers to reduce overlap and duplication.
  • Link strategic risks to assurance frameworks across the three lines of defense.
  • Automatically produce a real-time assurance map of the organization highlighting areas of concern.
  • Automate notifications when changes occur in your risk profile.
  • Drive consistency throughout the organization with standardized assessment methodology.

See how RiskBond can work for you.

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