Unified GRC Platform

Efficiently run all GRC activities across your organization in a unified platform

Collaborate from a single source of truth, eliminate error, save costs, and drive greater confidence in strategic risk management with a unified, integrated, and sophisticated GRC platform.

Bring all your organizational data together under one roof

Seamlessly connect your disparate data sources and integrate, analyze, and contextualize your metrics in real time. With instant insights you can strategically manage risk and compliance across your entire organization—and never have to leave the platform.

Stay organized, communicate faster, and work smarter using a single platform

With your inventory of risks, controls, third parties, audits, and more, all in one place, teams can work from, reference, and report on shared data. Reduce workloads, increase visibility, and enable more informed decision-making in a collaborative environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other software does the HighBond platform integrate with?

We integrate with almost everything, even that really old legacy system used by that one person in accounting that one time. Explore our integrations page. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask!

How does HighBond manage user permissions?

Roles define the types of permissions a user has in accessing cloud data. Permissions can include tasks like managing settings, and adding, viewing, editing, or deleting data. A user can have varying roles in different modules within HighBond. Speak to one of our experts to learn more.

Who else uses HighBond?

More than 6,300 organizations in 130 countries rely on HighBond to meet their objectives, including many Fortune 1000 and S&P 500 companies, hundreds of banks, manufacturers, healthcare and government organizations. Check out some of our customer stories.

What sort of training does Galvanize offer?

Everyone learns in their own way, that’s why we offer a variety of training and enablement options including online training with Galvanize Academy, in-person enablement, certification programs, Bootcamps, and more. Learn more about our professional services.

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