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Customer case studies

Here’s just a few ways Galvanize has helped strengthen individuals and protect organizations.

What do they say?

Our more than 7,000 global customers have done some amazing things with the HighBond platform. From stopping the flow of money to Mexican drug cartels to saving millions in fraud and vendor overpayments.
These are their stories.

Featured case study

Oregon Secretary of State

Fighting fraud, waste, and abuse in Oregon

In this Galvanize customer case study, Jamie Ralls, principal auditor and Ian Green, principal performance auditor talk about fighting fraud, waste, and abuse at Oregon Secretary of State, Audits Division. They share how our HighBond platform helps them analyze huge amounts of data, spot anomalies and protect taxpayer dollars.


My advice would be definitely try it out and see what efficiencies you can gain in your agency and your organization. It’s a great tool for managing things. It’s a great tool for strategic planning, for analyzing data. You can do so much with it that it’s endless.

– Jamie Ralls, Principal Auditor, Oregon Secretary of State

Australia Post

Data-driven audit management

In this Galvanize customer case study, Blair Richards, Senior Manager, Internal Audit, discusses how continuous control monitoring and data-driven audit management within the HighBond platform helps increase audit efficiencies.

Dublin Airport Authority

Data-driven audit management

Galvanize customer Kevin Goulding, group head of internal audit, describes how they’re using Galvanize’s data-driven audit management solution to do more work, achieve better coverage, and provide better insight into risks.

Equinix ERM

Data-driven enterprise risk management

Rod Verhulp, vice president of finance, and Nilisha Agrawal, sr. manager of GRC program office, legal, at Equinix on how they’re using Galvanize’s data-driven enterprise risk management solution to enable their vision of collaborative cross-functional governance, risk management, and compliance.

Equinix business case

How Equinix built a business case for integrated risk management

Equinix’s VP of Finance Rod Verhulp & Sr. GRC Program Manager Nilisha Agrawal on how Equinix achieved the vision of cross-functional enterprise risk management (ERM) on the collaborative HighBond platform. They share tips on how to build cross-functional partnership and achieve executive buy-in.

City of Gainesville

Data-driven audit management

Carlos Holt, city auditor at City of Gainesville on how Galvanize’s data-driven audit management platform has increased team performance, replaced manual processes and significantly changed the way they work—for the better!

Georgia DOAS

Integrated GRC

Kristine Splieth, Deputy CIO, Business Integration Information Technology at Georgia Department of Administrative Services shares how Galvanize helps with financial, operational, and political risk.


Data-driven audit management

Scott Feltner, Vice President, Internal Audit shares how the HighBond platform has helped reduce thousands in vendor duplicate payments, and improved processes to strengthen internal audit.

City of Lethbridge

Automated risk and controls monitoring

Darrell Mathews, Financial Processes & Controls Manager, City of Lethbridge, discusses how Galvanize’s automated risk and control monitoring has improved business processes, workflow, and stakeholder engagement.

Octo Telematics

Internal Audit Efficiency

Ben Kaye, Head of Internal Audit at Octo Telematics, discusses how HighBond helped them consolidate audit, compliance, and risk activities under one platform to drive efficiencies and effectiveness.

Siemens Financial Services

Risk & control monitoring

Jason Gross, Vice President of Controls Management, Siemen Financial Services, Inc, on how they’re using the HighBond platform to gain better control over financial and operating controls, improve consistency in their continuous controls monitoring program, and gain better insights into their data.

Sime Darby

Data-driven Audit Management

John Edward Arkosi, OBE, Group Head, Compliance & Corporate Assurance, discusses how the HighBond platform has delivered increased assurance over transactional data, and improved business processes.

Steel Partners

Improving SOX processes

Richard Hirsch, VP, Internal Audit, and Bill Weimer, Internal Auditor, Steel Partners Holdings L.P., discuss how the HighBond platform has significantly improved their SOX efficiencies, collaboration with their businesses, documentation, and processes.


Data-driven audit management

Mitch Mertz, Manager, Data Analytics, discusses how data analytics is helping the USPS address the issue of illegal narcotics shipments, and how Galvanize has made him a sought-after individual within his organization.

Washington Trust Bank

Data-driven audit management

Dan Clark, Senior Vice President and General Auditor, Washington Trust Bank, reveals how HighBond has helped manage the bank’s complex risk and regulatory environment, while also increasing team collaboration and the value audit delivers to the organization.