Get deep data insights and real-time visibility at a glance

Use customizable storyboards with powerful data visualizations to get a better understanding of your GRC landscape and improve visibility across your organization.

Enjoy low-effort, data-driven decisions with ready-to-use storyboards

Display key business metrics from all your data sources in visual storyboards for quick consumption and action by executives. Provide detailed visibility into your strategy and analysis so stakeholders can make revenue-generating decisions that are backed by data.

Improve communication and collaboration with centralized data views

Spend less time compiling data in silos and have a complete visual catalogue of risks and associated metrics on hand. Develop team- and stakeholder-specific reporting dashboards to keep everyone up to date and on the same page.

Have instant access to the right data at the right time

Manage real-time findings through tailored storyboards and share performance metrics with one-click reporting capabilities. Communicate progress made against your plans quickly and easily to highlight gaps and increase coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HighBond have pre-built storyboards and reports?

Yes! You can download reports to easily extract information from HighBond. These include (but are not limited to) SOX Review, Issue Management, Compliance Risk Assessment, Audit Committee Report, Final Audit Report, OpRisk Report, ICFR report, OIG Inspection Report, Third Party Compliance Review, and more. Talk to an expert about your reporting needs.

Can I drill down into storyboard data?

You can drill into each of the visualizations inside a storyboard if you have sufficient permission to access the visualization’s original data. You can also use the drilldown and legend filters to make changes to your storyboard content on the fly. Talk with an expert to learn more.

Are there different permission levels for HighBond storyboards?

There are three permission levels. A Creator can view, edit, delete, and share storyboards. An Editor can view and edit the storyboard, and a Read-Only permission only allows the user to view the storyboard. Talk with an expert to learn more.

What sort of built-in frameworks, regulations, and other best practices can I find in HighBond?

HighBond provides industry-specific best practices, regulatory standards, templates, and guidance to help you better illuminate risk and increase coverage. Learn more about our plug-and-play advantages.

Increase visibility and collaboration with customizable storyboards.


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