Integrated Risk Management

Proactively identify, assess, and mitigate risk across your entire organization

Save time and focus on value-add work with a strategic integrated risk management program. Connect the dots and capitalize on the insights and efficiencies created when you have a consolidated view of all your GRC activities.

An integrated risk management solution trusted by thousands of GRC professionals across the globe.

Achieve streamlined, efficient, and scalable risk management

Meet all of your organization’s GRC needs, whether you’re dealing with complex use cases or routine activities like audits and assessments, with automated end-to-end workflows. Save time and execute on tasks with efficiency and ease.

Gain deeper insights into your organization’s risk management status

Empower yourself with self-serve data analytics, regardless of your level of skill. Easily integrate, contextualize, and analyze disparate sets of data in real time to improve the integrity of your metrics and reduce your risk of error.

Achieve a more comprehensive view of your GRC data

Make data analysis less intimidating with ready-to-use visualization storyboards and reports. Unlock the potential of your data to uncover deeper insights, whether it’s gaps in your control environment or complex cases of fraud.

Benefit from the Galvanize advantage

Plug-and-Play Platform

Save time and costs with pre-configured solutions, content, and robotics toolkits.

Advanced Analytics & Workflow Automation

Quickly scale your team’s activities and deliver deeper insights.

HighBond Integrations

Easily combine data from all of your favorite systems and software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a risk library in HighBond?

We provide common key risks disclosed across a given industry. Risks are curated and normalized from S&P 500 10-k reports, Basel, and more. Each industry-specific risk is populated with a full description, and can be easily imported to your company’s risk profile. Once you import the risks, you can use them as is or customize the details as needed. Talk to an expert to learn more.

What makes HighBond better than other GRC platforms?

HighBond is the leading GRC platform because of a number of advantages like industry-leading analytics, visualizations, a unified approach, and top-notch support and services. Learn more about what sets us apart.

What other software does the HighBond platform integrate with?

We integrate with almost everything, even that really old legacy system used by that one person in accounting that one time. Explore our integrations page. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask!

How does HighBond manage user permissions?

Roles define the types of permissions a user has in accessing cloud data. Permissions can include tasks like managing settings, and adding, viewing, editing, or deleting data. A user can have varying roles in different modules within HighBond. Speak to one of our experts to learn more.

Implement a strategic IRM program across your entire organization.

We’ve begun laying the groundwork to do even more reporting in HighBond, and will be expanding and making more use of other platform products and features, including risk assessments and further compliance reporting.

Giuseppe Dello Iacono, Internal Auditor, Campari


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