Operational Controls Management

Drive accountability and controls ownership across your organization

Safeguard against security threats with a unified internal controls framework. Push consistency, continuously monitor and test controls, and provide independent, real-time assurance that risks are managed at every level of the business.

An operational controls management solution trusted by thousands of GRC professionals across the globe.

Save time and reduce the risk of error with a robust control framework

Draw on clear and effective governance with a solution specifically designed for first-line business users. Reduce the amount of administrative tasks falling on your team with standardized frameworks and data attributes, built-in approvals, and simple configuration.

Address issues in real-time with powerful, best-in-class reporting

Gain on-demand insight into your organization’s control failures with integrated data models and one-click reports. Break down information silos and ensure executive teams are getting the timely, data-driven insights they need to make the right decisions.

Take advantage of automated, continuous control monitoring

Boost regulatory compliance and cut down on the risk of control failure by using 100% of your organization’s operational data. Improve the efficacy of your internal controls by taking the leap from outdated, error-prone, manual processes to continuous automation.

Benefit from the Galvanize advantage

Advanced Analytics & Workflow Automation

Quickly scale your team’s activities and deliver deeper insights.


Improve visibility across your organization with customizable storyboards.

HighBond Integrations

Easily combine data from all of your favorite systems and software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HighBond customizable?

HighBond has many configuration options, but we avoid complicated webs of customization and bespoke GRC environments. Many of our most enthusiastic supporters came to HighBond after fighting with or ignoring an expensive, bespoke GRC environment because it didn’t deliver the value they hoped for.

Does HighBond have pre-built storyboards and reports?

Yes! You can download reports to easily extract information from HighBond. These include (but are not limited to) SOX Review, Issue Management, Compliance Risk Assessment, Audit Committee Report, Final Audit Report, OpRisk Report, ICFR report, OIG Inspection Report, Third Party Compliance Review, and more. Learn more about storyboards.

What kind of support does Galvanize offer to get started with HighBond?

You’ll have continuous access to industry-leading advisory and support services tailored to your needs. Whether it’s set-up, data transfers, migrating content, or whatever you need, our professional services team can help.

What other software does the HighBond platform integrate with?

We integrate with almost everything, even that really old legacy system used by that one person in accounting that one time. Explore our integrations page. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask!

Protect your organization from threats with robust operational controls management.

By creating a single risk and control matrix of around 100 controls for each legal entity around the world, by 30 legal entities, we have established consistency in our controls and compliance reporting.

Giuseppe Dello Iacono, Internal Auditor, Campari


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