About Us

Together, we now provide our customers with a connected view of your organization through modern governance technology that sparks the insights you need to lead with purpose.

Just a few things we’ve helped our customers do

We make it easy for our customers to make a direct impact on the world every day, and that’s what motivates us to do what we do.

Spot financial transactions that were intended to fund drug cartels, terrorism, and organized crime.

Clean supply chains to eliminate the risk of illicit activities like child labor.

Expose health care providers trying to defraud taxpayers with unnecessary procedures and prescriptions.

Our values strengthen us

We relentlessly pursue the evangelism of our customers, because we want them to be as excited about our vision for the future as we are. Everyone who touches Galvanize becomes a part of our community.

We lead through ambiguity—embracing what we don’t know—because when we encounter the unexpected, we grow the most. We make promises we don’t know how to keep, and then do everything we can to live up to our word.

We share openly of ourselves, celebrate what matters, work through our frustrations, and geek out over our passions. We speak out, even when it’s easier to stay quiet (we call it “putting the moose on the table.”) Above all, we let ourselves shine, communicate from the heart, and listen.

Join us

Spend your days making a difference and have fun in the process.

Meet our leadership team

Dan Zitting

Managing Director and CEO at Galvanize


Keith Cerny

Chief People Officer


Kumud Sharma

Vice President, Human Resources


Payam Moghaddam

Vice President, R&D


Shahed Khalili

Vice President, Product


Sandra Lee

Vice President, Sales Operations and Recurring Revenues


Ryan Hodsman

Senior Vice President, Sales, North America


Keith Fenner

Managing Director, International


Nadia Hafid

Vice President, Global Partners, LAC and EMEA


Andrew Smith

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships


Christine McCallum

Vice President, Enablement


Imad Jebara

Vice President, Customer Success


Sergiu Cernautan

Vice President, Product Strategy


Preetpal Bhamra

General Counsel



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