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Galvanize recognized as a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Vendor Risk Management Tools

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Manage third-party risk with ease.

Effectively manage your third-party risk program using ThirdPartyBond powered by HighBond. Quickly identify your riskiest third parties, continuously monitor their performance, and efficiently prioritize risk remediation efforts.

Manage large inventories of third parties at scale with one centralized platform. Ensure regulatory and contractual compliance with a few simple clicks.

Make data-driven decisions and be audit-ready at all times with a programmatic process, workflow automation, and visual storyboards that display third-party risk at a glance.


Why choose the ThirdPartyBond Solution?


Register new third parties and import all relevant information with ease


Categorize the criticality and risk of all third parties in a few simple clicks


Quickly assess third parties for risk exposure and compliance


Remediate any third-party exposure quickly and efficiently


Monitor all third parties continuously and automatically


Report on third parties, measure against standards, and apply intelligent insights to data-driven decisions

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ThirdPartyBond: risk lifecycle management

Keep track of all your third parties in one centralized platform

  • Manage a centralized inventory of third parties, including their criticality and risk scores, and identify gaps​
  • Reduce time to contract new third parties with quick and efficient third-party assessment processes
  • Deploy third-party risk assessment questionnaires and register one—or many—new third parties in a few simple clicks
  • Get quick time-to-value with pre-built industry-standardized questionnaires such as SIG Lite and CAIQ Lite 
  • Bulk-import third parties from other systems of record, such as a procure-to-pay (P2P) system 

Monitor risk and strategically prioritize remediation efforts to efficiently reduce the highest-priority risk across all third parties

  • Integrate seamlessly with third-party security intelligence providers such as BitSight, RiskRecon, and SecurityScorecard​
  • Ensure continuous and automated monitoring of critical third-party KPIs and KRIs
  • Monitor third-party performance against contractual SLAs with ease
  • Report across all third-party KPIs and KRIs in a few simple clicks to identify riskiest third parties 
ThirdPartyBond: continuous risk monitoring
ThirdPartyBond: risk reporting

Get real-time visibility into third-party risk with ready-to-use storyboard visualizations and reports

  • Get a complete catalogue of risks affecting all third-party assets and their associated metrics
  • Report on third-party findings and risk profiles with ease to enable data-driven decisions
  • Develop stakeholder-specific dashboards to display the appropriate levels of visibility into third-party risk
  • Help stakeholders address their business needs with timely insight into available and existing third parties

Harness industry-leading professional services and support

  • Deploy a world-class third-party risk management program with best-in-class industry practitioners
  • Let our Client Partners guide your journey and mobilize your organization’s path to proactive risk prevention

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