Policy management software

PolicyBond is workflow-based enterprise policy management and policy attestation software.

Automate the entire policy management lifecycle.

Make sure your organization is in accordance with shifting regulatory and business priorities. PolicyBond software is designed to author, track, and centrally manage policies. The software also maps policies to regulatory standards, risk frameworks, and business objectives.

Why choose PolicyBond?

Centrally manage the entire policy lifecycle.

Create policy structures with several hierarchical levels.

Author policies directly in the platform or import them from other sources.

Map and link policies to controls, regulatory standards, risk frameworks, and business objectives.

Manage policy exceptions from initial request to review, approval, expirations, and more.

Automate with attestation campaigns and understand the adherence to enforced policies.

Simplified policy lifecycle management

  • Implement out-of-the-box policy workflow management.
  • Automate version control, policy revisions, and notifications.
  • Archive and retire policies for future reference.
  • Simplify mapping of policy content to various compliance standards.

Effective policy communication

  • Create a central repository for all company policies.
  • Generate policy attestation campaigns.
  • Automate and schedule policy campaigns.
  • Track and monitor attestation responses, automatically generate notifications and escalations based on campaign performance.
  • Record risk impact for policy exceptions.

Simplified policy reporting

  • Create out-of-the-box reports and dashboards to identify policy gaps.
  • Generate campaign reports for attestation effectiveness.
  • Track and manage policy-related exceptions and evaluate policies based on exceptions granted.
  • Include and create reports from data collected or imported from other tools.

See how PolicyBond can work for you.

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