Plug-and-Play Platform

Save time and costs with pre-configured solutions, content, and robotics toolkits

Get up and running quickly, increase adoption across your organization, and easily scale your work up or down with a platform that comes configured to your needs.

Spend less time on software setup with a made-to-measure GRC solution

Deploy a GRC solution that’s perfectly configured to your area of focus—whether it’s audit, operational controls, compliance, or all of the above. Hit the ground running with pre-built project templates, surveys, and storyboards—plus all the right integrations.

Embed ready-to-use premium content into your workflows

Save time, improve collaboration, and maintain consistency in your GRC program with industry-specific best practices, regulatory standards, templates, and guidance. Better illuminate risk and increase coverage using curated risk and control libraries and frameworks.

Deploy pre-built robots for automated data integration, analysis, and workflows

Continuously evaluate risk, test controls, and monitor compliance with robots designed to integrate and analyze your data. Ensure streamlined processes across your entire organization with pre-configured workflows for common GRC use cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HighBond have pre-built storyboards and reports?

Yes! You can download reports to easily extract information from HighBond. These include (but are not limited to) SOX Review, Issue Management, Compliance Risk Assessment, Audit Committee Report, Final Audit Report, OpRisk Report, ICFR report, OIG Inspection Report, Third Party Compliance Review, and more. Talk to an expert about your reporting needs.

How do I create analytics scripts?

You can write analytic scripts from scratch, copy them from elsewhere, or import them from ScriptHub which is a resource that provides customers with access to hundreds of scripts developed by Galvanize’s consulting experts. Learn more by scheduling a call.

Will HighBond alter the data in my databases?

When connecting to any data source, or importing from any data source, HighBond is strictly read-only. It cannot add, update, or delete data in a data source, or modify a data source in any way. Talk with one of our experts to learn more.

How easy is it to get started with HighBond?

Once you get a subscription, your Galvanize representative takes care of installing the program, setting up the workflows, user roles, and assessments. We want to make this as easy as possible for you!

Manage your GRC program on a platform that configures to your needs.


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