Advanced Analytics & Workflow Automation

Drive efficiency and deliver insight with automated workflows and deep analysis

Customize and automate critical workflows to increase productivity and prevent error. Effectively identify and assess risk in real time with integrated analytics.

Streamline repetitive tasks and improve productivity

Scale your team’s GRC activities quickly and easily with automated workflows and repeatable processes. Assign tasks, deploy and monitor questionnaires and assessment surveys, send requests and follow-ups, and track your progress against goals—all in a few simple clicks.

Expand coverage and surface insight across disparate data sources

Effortlessly connect various tools, workflows, and data sources to meet your unique needs, extend coverage, and produce meaningful analysis. Monitor and test controls against standards and regulations, in real time, using continuously aggregated data from across your organization.

Quickly deploy impactful workflow automations—no matter your level of skill

Get up and running faster with pre-configured workflows for common GRC use cases and ensure streamlined processes for internal teams and external stakeholders. Efficiently manage your automations—build, test, schedule, and update—from one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will HighBond alter the data in my databases?

When connecting to any data source, or importing from any data source, HighBond is strictly read-only. It cannot add, update, or delete data in a data source, or modify a data source in any way. Talk with one of our experts to learn more.

I'm already using a GRC tool. If I make a switch, can you help with data migration?

You bet. One of the many advantages of HighBond is our top-notch professional services team. They can help you set-up and launch HighBond based on your organization’s needs—including helping with data migration.

What other software does the HighBond platform integrate with?

We integrate with almost everything, even that really old legacy system used by that one person in accounting that one time. Explore our integrations page. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask!

How do I create analytics scripts?

You can write analytic scripts from scratch, copy them from elsewhere, or import them from ScriptHub which is a resource that provides customers with access to hundreds of scripts developed by Galvanize’s consulting experts. Learn more by scheduling a call.

Increase your productivity and produce more meaningful insights.


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