Incident management software

IncidentBond speeds up incident analysis and response using highly flexible workflows and dynamic rules that align with business objectives.

Simplify incident management, respond faster, and close quickly.

Security incidents like data breaches can go unresolved or unnoticed, often because of a lack of automation, poor communication, or siloed processes. IncidentBond solves this by bringing all security incidents together in one centralized platform, automatically prioritizing them, and applying dynamic workflows.

This simplifies the incident management process and speeds up incident response and closure, while providing the insights to prevent incidents.

Why choose IncidentBond?

Work in a single platform to identify incidents more efficiently, see all responses and actions, and easily report to executives and the board.

Become more proactive about managing incidents by trending and correlating related incidents over time.

Minimize the change of process failures during high-stress events like a data breach through actionable and accountable playbooks.

Secure sensitive data and incident details like record artifacts, decisions, and outcomes in a single, dedicated repository.

Communicate quickly and easily with executive reports to inform decision-making during and after an incident.

One centralized management platform

  • Automate incident collection through API connectors and Email Listener.
  • Use prebuilt integration with industry-leading SIEM tools and third-party content.
  • Manage “typical” security incident scenarios with templates.
  • Build a custom-made playbook for faster incident responses.
  • Rely on a bidirectional API to connect to supporting systems like ticketing and case management.

Risk-based prioritization & workflow

  • Automatically prioritize incidents based on information provided by SIEMs and/or end users.
  • Easily configure dynamic rules to address unique handling requirements and criteria, and automate appropriate action and follow-up.
  • Standardize workflows, reporting, and analytics with the flexibility to add or change tools over time—without disrupting your process.
  • Trigger playbooks based on data points like state regulations, international requirements, and regulated data.

Reporting & dashboards

  • Use CISO-specific storyboards to share performance and status metrics.
  • Quickly create reports and dashboards with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Highlight incidents in dashboards based on calculated values like priority or severity.
  • Use Metrics Generator to measure incident trends overtime, and automatically record and generate relevant metric data on a recurring schedule.

See how IncidentBond can work for you.

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