Audit Management

Conduct and complete more audits in less time

Strategically align audits to your highest priority risks, streamline repetitive tasks, and deliver continuous assurance and monitoring. Shift from doing tick-mark-based audits to being a trusted advisor with end-to-end management of the audit life cycle.

An audit management solution trusted by thousands of GRC professionals across the globe.

Stay organized and process audits faster with a single centralized platform

Maintain a library of past audits, workflow templates, customized workpapers, and risk and control matrices to reduce workloads across audit activities. Store test results, supporting documentation, and evidence all in one place for easy review.

Deliver continuous assurance with ongoing, automated monitoring and remediation

Automatically test controls against standards and regulations, and redirect audit efforts to strategic areas of the business. Consolidate issues found across your audits so you can track remediation efforts with scheduled follow-ups.

Provide real-time visibility into your audit strategy, progress, and insights

Enable stakeholders to make informed, revenue-generating decisions by sharing audit results, KRIs, KPIs, and key areas of risk quickly and easily with visualization storyboards and one-click reporting.

Benefit from the Galvanize advantage

HighBond Integrations

Easily combine data from all of your favorite systems and software.

Data Security

Ensure your data is safe, compliant, completely confidential, and always available.

Professional Services & Support

Launch a sophisticated, best-in-class GRC program with expert guidance and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report on my audit with HighBond?

You can build and export custom issue reports to share data with the relevant stakeholders, conclude and archive the audit to preserve it, or re-use configured settings at a later date. Or create custom reports from scratch or copy and modify report templates, and broadcast or export reports to share data with specified recipients. Learn more about reporting by scheduling a call with one of our experts!

What is the ideal team size to use HighBond?

It really depends on what you’re trying to do. We work with everyone from small audit teams all the way up to massive government organizations and global enterprise risk teams. The best way to make sure HighBond is a good fit for your organization is through a call with one of our experts.

What is a risk library in HighBond?

We provide common key risks disclosed across a given industry. Risks are curated and normalized from S&P 500 10-k reports, Basel, and more. Each industry-specific risk is populated with a full description, and can be easily imported to your company’s risk profile. Once you import the risks, you can use them as is or customize the details as needed. Talk to an expert to learn more.

What sort of built-in frameworks, regulations, and other best practices can I find in HighBond?

HighBond provides industry-specific best practices, regulatory standards, templates, and guidance to help you better illuminate risk and increase coverage. Learn more about our plug-and-play advantages.

Establish a strategic and agile audit management program.

The data and information sharing has increased across the organization, and each year, the continuous controls monitoring program is increasing, and our normal traditional audit program is decreasing.”

Andrew Cooke, General Manager of Risk & Assurance at UnitingCare


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