GRC Use Cases

We’ve got you covered—no matter your area of expertise

Manage every aspect of your GRC program in one platform—whether you’re looking to deploy an integrated risk management solution or double-down on a specific area of focus, such as audit, controls management, or compliance.

Enterprise Risk Management

Uncover opportunities and push your organization’s performance to new levels of success with an effective ERM program.

Integrated Risk Management

Mobilize a truly strategic integrated risk management program and proactively prevent risk across all aspects of the company.

Audit Management

Complete more audits in less time—strategically align audits to the highest priority risk and drive impact across the organization.

SOX Management

Simplify, centralize, and accelerate your organization’s SOX program and achieve compliance in less time.

Operational Controls Management

Drive accountability across your organization with automated controls and independent, real-time assurance.

Cyber Risk and IT Risk & Compliance Management

Deploy an intelligent, end-to-end cyber risk and IT risk management program to swiftly prevent, identify, and mitigate risk.

Third-Party Risk Management

Keep track of third parties, send assessment questionnaires, and prioritize remediation efforts with ease.

Benefit from the Galvanize advantage

Plug-and-Play Platform

Save time and costs with pre-configured solutions, content, and robotics toolkits.

Advanced Analytics & Workflow Automation

Quickly scale your team’s activities and deliver deeper insights.


Improve visibility across your organization with customizable storyboards.

HighBond Integrations

Easily combine data from all of your favorite systems and software.

Professional Services & Support

Launch a sophisticated, best-in-class GRC program with expert guidance and support.

Data Security

Ensure your data is safe, compliant, completely confidential, and always available.

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