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Audit Management

ACL helps audit teams use data to uncover deep insights and bring their true value to light. This scalable solution manages all of your audit activities in one central spot. With built-in regulations and frameworks, templated risk and control matrices—including Yellow Book and A-133—and pre-built automated workflows, your team can automate the manual tasks and focus on real value-added activities.

Compliance Management

ACL’s solution for compliance management maps industry standards, internal policies, and regulations to control frameworks. Quickly visualize coverage and track regulatory changes to give stakeholders with a complete understanding of your organization’s global compliance posture—along with a rolled-up compliance assurance score to measure program success.

Risk Management

ACL’s risk management solution helps reveal insights from complex data, make better decisions to balance good and bad risk, and effectively meet your ERM responsibilities. It removes the subjectivity from risk management and lets you manage entity-wide risks to accomplish your agency’s strategic objectives.

Financial Control Monitoring

ACL’s financial control monitoring solution uses robotic process automation for enterprise resource planning (ERP) process control around financial risk. These pre-built process controls automatically test for common rules around configuration, compliance, and risk. They can be spun up at a fraction of the cost, time, and effort of traditional ERP process controls.

Fraud Management

ACL’s solution for fraud management is built for government fraud investigators, auditors, and finance teams who need to prevent, detect, and remediate fraudulent spending. This data-integrated system detects, prevents, and remediates fraud and improper payments in areas like Medicare/Medicaid, SNAP, Entitlement Programs, P2P, and more.


ACL Robotics goes way beyond any simple analytic solution or BI technology—running your data access, reporting, and workflow tasks from beginning to end. It cuts down on the number of tools you need and provides data in real time. Whether you’re responsible for ERP process controls, IT standards like ISO, NIST, or COBIT, fraud identification, AML/ATF, or the full enterprise risk management program—our robots automate your governance activities so the organization can meet its objectives.

Government Content Suite

ACL’s content library ensures you’re always up to date with government-specific regulations, frameworks, and standards, including:

  • OMB A-133 and Uniform Guidance requirements
  • NIST and FISCAM requirements
  • Medicare/Medicaid improper payments analytics
  • SNAP improper payments analytics
  • Subrecipients risk assessments

And more.

Continuity Management

ACL’s workflow-based business continuity management and planning software helps you maintain effective continuity plans, reduce risk and exposure, and strengthen your ability to plan for, and respond to, business disruptions.

Cyber Security Management

ACL’s CyberBond consolidates and simplifies threat and vulnerability remediation by aggregating, normalizing, and prioritizing data from any source. The vulnerabilities are processed through out-of-the-box or user-defined risk-based workflows, which automatically assign tasks, send notifications, and create escalations so you can prioritize your remediation efforts based on risk.

Incident Management

Automated security incident management platform that centrally processes and automatically routes SIEM and security tool data for triage and resolution based on event rules. This simplifies the management process and speeds up monitoring and resolution so you can act quickly, easily make changes when processes evolve, and protect the organization.

IT Governance, Risk & Compliance

Centrally manage and automate the monitoring of IT security risk and compliance programs with ACL’s solution for IT Governance. Connect siloed systems for Information Technology and Information Security across the organization. Aggregate and harmonize data for contextual risk analysis and ensure that controls and procedures are operating as intended.

Policy Management

PolicyBond is designed to author, track, and centrally manage policies while also mapping policies to regulatory standards, risk frameworks, and business objectives. Make sure your organization is in accordance with shifting regulatory and business priorities.

Third Party Management

End-to-End, automated, and continuous vendor risk management and reporting software. Minimize exposure to financial, operational, reputational, and security risk from your third parties. From third-party onboarding, assessment, and remediation, to performance monitoring and ingoing review, our software manages the entire process.


ACL provides customer success services, built-in regulations, frameworks, and best practices, training, and technical support to help you achieve your goals.

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