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Diligent Boards

With Diligent’s web based solutions, you can access Diligent Boards™ online and enjoy a simplified experience around creating and accessing board materials. The web appslications work in Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox browsers and can be accessed on any device with internet access. Also engage with the Evaluations, D&O, Nominations, News and Minutes capabilities, all integrated within the web platform.

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Diligent Messenger

Diligent Messenger enables secure communications between the organization and the board, available anywhere, anytime.
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Diligent Secure File Sharing and Secure Meeting Workflow

Secure sharing and collaboration on sensitive files across multiple contributors (both internal and external.)
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Diligent Compensation & Governance Intel

Diligent Compensation & Governance Intel (formerly CGLytics) offers a deep dataset with powerful analytics for effective risk oversight in executive compensation, board composition and peer benchmarking so you can always stay one step ahead. Learn More


Diligent Governance Intel

Diligent Governance Intel provides executives and board directors with AI-focused news, reputational insights and industry health analytics. Learn More


Diligent Equity

Cap table management for growth-stage companies. Learn More


Diligent Manzama

Diligent Manzama allows law firms to discover and share insights from news, social and subscription media sources efficiently to strengthen engagement with existing clients and build new business. Learn More


Diligent HighBond

Collaborate from a single source of truth, eliminate error, save costs, and drive greater confidence in strategic risk management with a unified, integrated, and sophisticated GRC platform.



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