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Integrated GRC software

HighBond is the end-to-end integrated GRC platform that brings together security, risk management, compliance, and audit executives.

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Built by industry experts who wanted a better way to work

HighBond streamlines collaboration across organizations, automates repetitive tasks, and delivers best practices in a seamless, award-winning interface—all powered by ACL Robotics and Rsam technology.

One intuitive and accessible platform that delivers:

  • Dynamic, automated workflows
  • Data consolidation
  • Domain expertise and guidance
  • Global scale
  • An unparalleled customer community

Explore the HighBond platform

HighBond is made up of a number of different products, each covering a different area of your organizational governance. All together, these products create the collective HighBond software platform.

HighBond platform features

What you can deliver with HighBond

HighBond data automation

Provide Executives Visibility, Assurance & Confidence

  • Executive-ready, real-time reporting to inform better decisions
  • Robotic data automation to pull insights from any source or application
  • Dynamic workflows to bring clarity over accountability
  • Curated content to provide confidence over completeness of coverage
HighBond best practices

Demonstrate Compliance

  • Requirements mapping and content library to report posture to regulators and auditors
  • Robotic data automation to monitor control effectiveness and key risk metrics
  • Real-time reporting to understand risk management and compliance posture
  • Adaptable dynamic workflows to provide rigor over process quality
  • A platform built by practitioners that adheres to industry best practices and standards
HighBond learning & networking

Mitigate the Cost of Managing Risk & Compliance

  • Dynamic workflows to foster efficient collaboration
  • Robotic data automation to eliminate repetitive tasks and provide more testing
  • Curated content toolkits to accelerate time-to-value
  • A platform that grows and evolves with your maturity-level and use-cases
  • Real-time, automated reporting to easily keeping stakeholders informed

Best practices, resources, & tools to make the most of governance technology

Never work off an old framework or regulation again

Stay current with built-in regulations, standards, risk frameworks, and updates—all curated and delivered directly into your HighBond library. Our built-in Content & Intelligence Gallery means you’ll manage all of your compliance activities in a single spot. No more spreadsheets or SharePoint.

Check out the Gallery

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