Security at the Speed of Business

Protect data and ensure the confidentiality of board and leadership information with best-in-class security.

  • Communicate on an encrypted, intuitive app
  • Securely share sensitive information with trusted third parties
  • Eliminate version-control issues with centralized, protected meeting workflows

Give boards and executives a secure, collaborative ecosystem with Board & Leadership Collaboration from Diligent.

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Collaborate with Confidence

Peace of mind is invaluable. Securely share confidential information and make sensitive decisions on an encrypted platform that mirrors how boards and executives work.

  • Keep all sensitive communication within one secure platform
  • Use a dedicated, uncluttered channel to signify importance and urgency
  • Eliminate the risk of email or texts falling into the wrong hands

Secure Meetings: Before, During and After

Centralize and digitize documents to protect meeting preparation, minute-taking and follow-up.

Remove meeting materials from unsecure email accounts and shared drives managed by IT

Eliminate version-control issues with one central platform that updates in real time

Keep sensitive information confidential within a trusted circle of authorized users

Securely Share Sensitive Information

Keep private information private, even when collaborating with trusted third parties outside your organization.

  • Protect communication with best-in-class encryption and security protocols
  • Communicate about board meetings, mergers, acquisitions, audits, compensation and legal matters
  • Avoid phishing attempts, trace document changes and dynamically watermark items

Security Without the Slowdown

Protect the most sensitive information boards and leaders rely on 24/7.
See Secure Collaboration from Diligent in action.

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“At no time does any of our material leave the secure portal.”
“It shows up on your phone. It says, ‘You have a message,’ but it doesn’t send the sensitive data. So at no time does any of our material leave the secure portal. And that was our biggest concern.”

Tammy Wellcome
Corporate Governance Paralegal,
American Water Works



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