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Galvanize has been recognized by Forrester, Gartner, and GRC 2020 for our products and solutions. Read the reports here.

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We know that taking GRC vendor research and transforming into meaningful advice is no easy feat. Especially when the technology isn’t homogeneous and there’s no common terminology across vendors. This is why we have an analyst relations specialist who’s here to help you navigate and understand our products.

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Analyst reports featuring Galvanize

Latest Galvanize Analyst Update

December 2020

Our latest newsletter release for fall 2020 demonstrates how Galvanize continues to maintain full steam ahead despite the pandemic. This latest issue shows you how we’ve been laser focused on bringing the needs of IT security, audit, compliance, and risk (to name a few) into a single codebase while continuing to add onto our current offerings and push next generation capabilities in areas of analytics, RPA, and artificial intelligence.

Galvanize Analyst Update: 2019

Past Issues

July 2019

Here’s Galvanize’s inaugural Analyst Update since ACL’s acquisition of analyst-recognized leader Rsam in February 2019. In this update, we provide you with a few tidbits on how we arrived to our new company and platform names, our plan to integrate the two platform, recent wins with some big names, as well as a multitude of changes made to our HighBond platform and product stacks.

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January 2019

The Fall 2018 release marks one of ACL’s most INNOVATIVE product releases yet! This issue shows you how we’ve been working hard so customers can create their very own (virtual) robotic assistants, automate their controls testing, plan engagements and resources, and manage their documents in a smart and intuitive way.

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June 2018

Since the last update in the fall of 2017, we’ve been busy inventing and innovating to prepare ourselves for yet another EPIC product update. For this Spring ’18 Release we have invested heavily in bringing governance to the front lines and expanding our process automation capabilities. In addition, we have added a considerable amount of content and made significant improvements to the user experience.

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