Availability & Recovery

Galvanize is committed to delivering a world-class customer experience.

Our SaaS solutions are designed using architectural best practices, such as:

  • request load balancing
  • resilient system design
  • job isolation

We actively monitor our solutions for availability and performance to a 99.9%+ average uptime.

The status page provides current and historical information for HighBond availability and performance.

Identifying and resolving performance issues is a key part of providing high value SaaS based subscription to our customers. Furthermore, it is a top priority of Galvanize that we provide responsive and effective customer support.

Data redundancy

All regional equipment is fully redundant and data is replicated or backed-up to alternate regional locations in case of failure.

In addition to this real-time redundancy, we back up all customer data, including field data and attached documents that are stored in your account within the system.

A full backup of the entire system database is run hourly, daily, and weekly for a one-year period, for the purpose of restoring data integrity due to systemic or database failure, but not for the purpose of restoring user deleted data.

As long as your subscription is active, your data will be backed up.

Event monitoring

All product systems are monitored 24/7 for security and availability. In the event of any service interruption, alerts are delivered via e-mail, text message, and phone call to system administrators and management.

Security and performance are monitored using sophisticated third-party monitoring tools. Security and performance requirements are reviewed on a weekly basis and any issues noted that potentially impact customers are documented and resolved.

Service resiliency

We maintain a disaster recovery plan. While the customer impact of a physical or environmental threat to our corporate headquarters is considered low (since the vast majority of our internal tooling is cloud-based), Galvanize personnel's safety and availability is mission critical.

The maximum acceptable length of data loss is currently considered to be one hour, even in the event of disaster. Therefore, backup intervals are configured to allow for loss of customer data of one hour or less, depending on the time of system failure.

Data center recovery procedures

All equipment at the data centers is fully redundant. Amazon data is replicated in real-time to geographically separated availability zones, redundant data centers throughout the Amazon EC2 virtualized system infrastructure and the Amazon S3 storage pool in each region.

In addition to this real-time redundancy, we back up all system data, including field data and attached encrypted documents that are stored in customer accounts within each respective region.