ACL and Rsam
are now Galvanize

Two great companies have become one, and are now redefining the GRC industry through technology.

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Galvanize CEO Laurie Schultz and Chief Customer Experience Officer Dan Zitting talk about our vision for GRC software and why it matters to you.

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“Galvanize” tells our story far better than any acronym ever could

We’ve taken a giant step toward uniting the GRC industry, and our new name communicates the protection that our integrated governance software solutions bring to security, risk management, compliance, and audit professionals.

ACL’s path to Galvanize

ACL has always been known as the first choice in audit analytics. And no wonder, we’re really good at that.

But did you know we’re so much more?

We’ve built an analyst-recognized security, risk management, compliance, and audit platform that unites all of these teams into a single version of the truth, and gives an accurate view of risk and opportunities across the entire organization.

Recently, we joined forces with Rsam to add even more functionality.

Rsam’s path to Galvanize

In February 2019, Rsam and ACL joined forces to create a category-defining platform for integrated risk management.

This was a marriage of Rsam’s dynamic flexibility, universal IT systems integration, and deep industry content with ACL’s SaaS platform, including risk assurance, advanced analytics/robotic process automation, and top-rated user interface.

Together, we’re delivering a truly integrated governance solution. One that uses data to uncover the answers that drive strategic change.

Our old looks and names just weren’t telling the new story as well as they could. So, it was time to shake things up and evolve our brand to better align it with our vision.

Meet Galvanize:
strengthening organizations to do heroic work

No matter if you’re managing threats, assessing risk, measuring controls, monitoring compliance, or expanding assurance coverage, Galvanize software automates manual tasks, blends organization-wide data, and broadcasts it in easy-to-share dashboards and reports.

Security, risk management, compliance, and audit professionals can finally come together in a single, purpose-built platform. And when these teams join forces, productivity increases, insights become more actionable, and the value is undeniable.

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