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Impacting business strategy with data

Coca-Cola Bottlers Business Services

Dior Jaana C. Silo, compliance, data intelligence & analytics manager, and Julius Brian Dela Cruz, team manager, data intelligence & analytics, share how Galvanize enables CCBBS to cut costs, reduce risks, and improve productivity.

I used to run the segregation of duties report in Excel. And it would take me about two days just to complete the report, because we’re working off very big files. With HighBond, I’m able to run the report in five minutes, and so I get two whole days back.

Dior Silo
Compliance, Data Intelligence & Analytics Manager


Coca-Cola Bottlers Business Services (CCBBS) is an independent entity supporting Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines Inc. in the areas of finance, master data, process optimization, compliance, and analytics.

Dior: My name is Dior Silo. I’m the Compliance, Data Intelligence & Analytics Manager. My team is responsible for looking after the control environment. In addition to the compliance role, we also handle analytics.

Julius: Hi, I’m Julius Brian Dela Cruz. I’m the Team Manager of Data Intelligence & Analytics of CCBBS.


How are you using the HighBond platform?

Dior: With HighBond we’re able to pull the information directly from the sources. It’s basically our responsibility to make sense of that information and how that impacts strategy, and really highlight those areas that are not necessarily seen in day-to-day operations. So, we structure that data. We build the logic around that data based on interactions with our stakeholders and understanding what is the business need, what is the business dilemma.


How have you found using the HighBond platform?

Dior: One unique thing about my team is that we are not IT graduates. We came from finance. We had no idea about running scripts. I think that also, harkens to how easy Galvanize solution is, because for finance people to adapt to it and to be able to generate this much value in a short time, it just says this tool is very user-friendly.


How has the HighBond platform improved how you work?

Dior: I used to run the segregation of duties report, and before HighBond I used to do it in Excel. And it would take me about two days just to complete the report, just to append the data, because we’re working off very big files. But after HighBond, I’m able to run the report in five minutes, and so I get two whole days back. And that’s just a simple example of how HighBond has impacted our work in analytics and compliance.

We also use Robots platform, and it’s a very big help because, basically, once a report or an insight has been designed and it has been agreed to go live, we can then transition that over to Robots and it runs everything for us.

Julius: Galvanize has taught me to perform data cleansing in a more smart way, as compared to when I was doing it in Excel before. Because here, you need to standardize your data, you need to understand the right logic, and you need to know the right data type first before you perform any analytics.


What results have you seen with HighBond?

Dior: In the area of time savings, we’ve saved an equivalent of 4 FTE, which translates to about $200,000 USD. For the first year that we ran our projects, we’ve identified about 14.7 million worth of risk items. And in this year that has gone down significantly to about $794,000, which is good for us because it means that, through our analytics, we’re able to enact changes within the processes. We’re able to influence the operations to put in more controls that address these risk areas and prevent these potential leakages in the operations.


How has Galvanize supported you?

Dior: In terms of working with the Galvanize teams, they’ve been incredible support for us. Basically what happens is we tell them the vision of where we want to go, and they throw out all these ideas of how the solution can help us.

Julius: Galvanize online academy really helped my team to speed up the training process. In fact, one month after we completed the training, the leads are already doing their own projects.


What would you say to somebody considering HighBond?

Dior: My advice to a professional in the GRC that’s considering purchasing HighBond is to really have a vision of where you want to take your team, and to deliver impactful results as soon as you can, because people are investing in this and, as investors, they want their return as soon as possible.

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